A Tailored Plan for the Important Decisions in Your Life

At the Pinnacle Financial Group, we understand that money means different things to all of us. That’s why we take the time to learn about you and your hopes, dreams, and goals. We want to know what makes you tick, gets you excited, and keeps you up at night. This empowers us to build a completely personalized plan with sound strategies that are designed to pursue your unique vision.

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Investment Management

Investment Management

The Pinnacle Financial Group uses a disciplined process in investment management.

Investment Objectives and Constraints

The most important part of the process is getting to know you, understanding your goals, and assessing your tolerance for investment risk.

Asset Allocation

After assessing your goals, we’ll work together to decide how to allocate your assets among stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, or alternative investments.

Investment Selection

Once we arrive at the proper allocation, the next step is to choose the appropriate investments and investment managers for your portfolio.

Portfolio Implementation

Investment options will be reviewed with you. Once we agree on the course of action, we will implement your portfolio.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor your portfolio for investment results, progress toward your goals, and adherence to the asset allocation strategy.

Insurance Products


Life, disability, and long-term care insurance products are critical to your financial security.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can help protect your overall financial plan, your way of life, and the ability to pursue your goals even when the unexpected happens. We’ll tailor your plan to help minimize the threats to your wealth.

Disability Insurance

Most people have long-term disability coverage through their employer. Benefit limitations and policy provisions, however, can make this coverage insufficient. We’ll review your policy and help you better understand your coverage. We have access to major disability carriers and can help you find the most competitive policies.

Long-Term Care Insurance

The rising costs of nursing home and home health care services impacts many families. With the myriad of long-term care insurance options available, we can help evaluate and place the best coverage for you.

Fixed insurance products and services offered by the Pinnacle Financial Group.

Retirement Planning


We can help our clients retire comfortably and maintain their lifestyle.

With earlier retirement ages and increased life expectancies, your retirement could span decades. We’ll help you determine how much you need to save and invest through your working years to help meet your retirement objectives. In retirement, we help you position your assets to provide needed cash flow today and for many years in the future.

Financial Planning


We partner with our clients to create personalized financial plans.

A successful plan comes from a combination of the science of number crunching and the art of understanding the financial markets. At the Pinnacle Financial Group, we combine these skills with an emphasis on personalized service. Together, we determine your goals and risk tolerance and develop a plan of action that is maintained through ongoing support and reviews.

We offer the following financial planning services:

  • Investment Advice
  • Education Analysis
  • Retirement Accumulation and Distribution
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate Analysis

Qualified Plans


Our business clients understand the need for a good company-sponsored retirement plan.

As a business owner, you want to provide your employees with the most efficient methods of accumulating assets for retirement. We help our business clients provide for themselves and their employees.

Plans we offer:

  • 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Defined Benefit Plan
  • Simplified Employee Pension
  • 403(b)

Inheritance Issues


Your financial plan should consider the needs of your heirs.

Working in conjunction with attorneys and CPAs, we help create a master plan for the management of your property during your lifetime and the efficient transfer of that property at death. We also help with charitable giving planning and provide business succession planning for business clients.

Estate Planning

A good estate plan can give you more control over your assets during your lifetime, provide management if you are disabled, and allow for the transfer of your wealth at the lowest possible cost.